Lymphatic System and Vacuum Therapy

I have a series of blogs that will explain a little about the lymphatic system and why we need to take care of it along with how vacuum therapy can help. If you have any questions about it you can always email me and I will add those to the next blog.

Lymph is excess fluid left behind by capillary exchange. It is a clear, watery fluid when everything is working correctly. It is a close partner of the cardiovascular system. The Lymph system also includes the thymus and the spleen. So that tells us how it also helps us filter the body's fluids by removing harmful particles before they can damage other parts of our body.

Though the lymph capillaries are a lot like blood capillaries, the lymph only flows one way and they have bead like valves to keep it flowing one way. Not only is the lymph a one way system but it does not have a pump to help it flow through your system. Since it has no pump it needs muscle movement, the act of muscle contraction and retraction to pump the fluid through the body.

The lymph nodes are scattered throughout the body but most are in clusters in certain areas. The lymph nodes also help filter and that helps with the immune system. Lymph is filtering bacteria, cancer cells, virus-infected cells, and damaged tissue cells so it can be removed and kept from entering the blood and circulating systems. The breast has a uniquely extensive network of lymph systems. These lymph nodes can contain cancer cells filtered from the breast. When there is an infection the lymph nodes can be swollen and tender to the touch. Like when you have a sore throat, you can feel the nodes being larger than normal and sometimes tender.

There are some disorders that can arise when your lymphatic system is not working properly or being over taxed by an excess amount of toxins; and some of them are Lymphomas,Multiple Myeloma, Lymphedema, and Elephantiasis. However, it can be a swollen ankle, knee, or other areas.

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